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未标题-1DW-1608  Wheel swing gate opener control board


Technical parameters

Supply voltage : AC200V ~ 250V 50Hz/60Hz               Power output :12V(10%FS) 100mA

Motor voltage  : DC24V                                 Fuse        : 250v  10A

Control power  : 150W*2 (MAX)                          Weight      :3kg

Open  jet lag  : 2s                                     Humidity    :35%~ 85%

Close         : 0s ~ 25s                                Temperature  :-20~65

Swing gate opener remote

Supply voltage : Dc 1    about 30g

Working current : ≦13mA                               Size : 58*39*14mm

Working frequency : 433MHz                             Distance :≦50m

Function is introduced and used

1 ,Encounter obstacles return to open the door : in the process of door closing, when vehicles or pedestrians pass in and out, stopped in traffic signal controller accept infrared, door will be closed Run return the unconditional to open operation.

2, Automatic stop encountered obstacles: in the process of door machine running, meet unknown abnormal things were blocked, the door machine will automatically stop running.If blocked rebound is enabled, the machine will automatically converted to open operation.Door machine plugging strength level can be adjusted according to actual installation environment.

3 ,Delay shutdown automatically: when opening the door in place of the crane, after waiting for a certain period of time (2 seconds to 1 minute adjustable), automatic controller output closing instructions

4 ,Running time protection: the microprocessor through the study of stroke, can effectively avoid in the process of open or close operation, because door jammed, limit failure
The non-stop failure caused by improve security, reliability and durability of the machine.Delay time for 10 seconds

5, The controller for cable signal control: infrared, reading card and open, stop, shut down the signal interface, improve the ability of intelligent control.Wire control signal, it is with a single line, the realization of open, stop, close loop control.Infrared photoelectric sensor input ports, used to test machine in the process of running, whether there are abnormal to go out into the situation, the controller determines whether the output rebound open orders.Read card signal, the receiving open orders from foreign identity acquisition system, the controller output to open the door.

6, Many from spreading: when users have more than one remote control equipment (e.g., garage doors, gates, etc.), if the remote control transmitting frequency (315 MHZ), same
Same type, code width, and can realize different from spreading, a four door with a remote controller, mutual interference, save trouble with multiple remote control.

7,The controllers have  a side of Yin and Yang side (the two doors have open and close  door time lag), and magnetic locks, electric control lock switch selector switch.

Control panel interface and function  use

1.Work can choose to switch to the corresponding function.   2 . Motor  2 delay time (0 ~ 25 s adjustable)

3. Automatic shutdown function selection switch and the time knob, can adjust automatically shut down the waiting time from 2 seconds to 1 minute .      4. Motor resistance adjustable knobs, user can be adjusted according to the actual opportunity, the smaller the motor more sensitive  5.Controller reset, remote learning and stroke learning button  6. State output indicator light  7.Button and light controller interface;  8 .The external weak current signal connection port  9 .Electric source input and output, UPS power input and output, motor and electric lock output port   10 .Super heterodyne remote control receiving module  11 . Fuse

Note: (1) function selector switch (DIP1 ~ DIP8) description:

D IP1 (single) : ON - single card reader to open, OFF - double card reader to open;  

D IP2 (learn type) (were often work at OFF) : ON - stroke learning, OFF - learning remote control;(stroke study: first installation of the crane, or after using for a long time, to reach door machine operation best effect, can open learning function. Stroke learning, learning lights flashing, running light is normally on, in the process of operation, please stop additional operations, if an exception occurs, please press learning, stop system, check the abnormal situation, relearn, repeat the above steps, when after the trip to learn well, light is normal instruction, buzzer rang for 5 seconds. This operation is very important to the realization of the function of soft line.If the soft line opens, close the door in place can't stop, corresponding to increase the speed of soft stop, can be adjusted by (1) function switch to the right of the low speed potentiometer (small large clockwise and counterclockwise).Remote learning: to set DIP2 switch to OFF mode, short press to learn later, according to the remote control as a key, a buzzer rang, remote learning is complete, up to 30 different learning type.Long press to learning button  5 seconds,  buzzer rang for  2 seconds   ,  clear all have learning remote control.) .

DIP3 (key) : ON -  single key remote control , OFF - four key  remote control;

DIP4 (blocked) : ON -  run into  obstruction does not rebound,  OFF- run into  obstruction  rebound;

DIP5 ( time difference) :ON -  have no the delay  time, OFF - have  the delay time ,(when closing sequence mistake downtime);

DI P6 ( automatic closed ) : ON - automatically shut OFF - do not automatically shut;

DIP7 (electric lock) : ON - magnetic locks, OFF - electric control lock;

DIP8 (soft start) : ON - no soft start function, OFF - has soft start function;

6 .Status indicator light description; Learning  indicator light; stroke  and remote of learning indicator, when learning stroke  flashing, remote learning flashing as required.

Running lights:Controller work normally when the flashing, stroke study often bright; CL: close running lights, door machine instructions when closing action;ST: stop running lights, door machine instructions when in a stopped state;OP open running lights, door machine instructions when open action;PW: controller power indicator light;When the door open the automatic shutdown function, close door machine in a waiting state, CL close lights flashing;When the controller button is locked, press any key, CL and OP lights flashing twice.

Factory Settings: double card reader to open, DIP1 (single) by OFF;Remote control learning state, DIP 2 (learn) set OF F;In pieces four key control, remote control DIP3 (key) by OFF;Door rebound opportunities plugging, DIP4 (obstruction) set OFF;Open door have jet lag, DIP 5 (jet lag) set OFF;Closed automatically shut down, DIP6 (Auto close ) by OFF;Electric control lock output,DIP7 (electric lock) by OFF.

The  controller wiring diagram