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  • UAV/Police drone 110901
UAV/Police drone 110901

UAV/Police drone 110901


System standard

Unmanned aerial vehicle system

case, power system

Flight control system and ground station

Airborne flight control, aerial photography software, ground console, power supply equipment, remote control, communication antenna, radio, auxiliary equipment.


data collection system

Sensor, storage device, auxiliary device

auxiliary system

Battery pack, charger, transport packaging equipment, special tools



l  Full carbon fiber body, good rigidity, light weight, sky stay time of more than 60 minutes

l   18-inch propeller, wind resistance is greater than 7

l   Up to 5 km above sea level

l   Full HD real-time transmission, supporting HD1080i/1080p images

l   Highly integrated rain and dustproof design, can fly in heavy rain, protection class IP54

l   Standard 2K Ultra HD camera, 170° large wide angle, optional 10x optical zoom camera, thermal imaging camera, low light camera

l   Intelligent flight control system, support manual precision control and autonomous flight mode, support automatic follow-up, hotspot surround, three-way waypoint and relay control

l   Motor wheelbase 880mm

l   Maximum wingspan 1400mm

l   Standard takeoff weight 4.8kg

l   Maximum takeoff weight 7.8kg

l   Maximum load weight 3kg

l   Power battery 6S/20400mAh

l   Leave time 60min

l   Maximum wind resistance 12m/s

l   Maximum flight speed 20m/s

l   Maximum flight altitude 2500m

l   Maximum working altitude 5000m

l   GPS hovering accuracy level <±1m vertical<±0.5m

l    Ground station maximum control distance 40km


Adopt intelligent flight control, professional-grade airborne equipment, excellent performance, high reliability, low noise flight, safe concealment, flying height up to 2500 meters, developed and manufactured by wireless transmission equipment, intelligent control equipment, professional shooting products Manufacturers with years of experience, the overall performance is better than the same level models at home and abroad, is a high-performance military police model exported to Europe and America!