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  • road lifting column 10901
  • road lifting column 10901
road lifting column 10901 road lifting column 10901

road lifting column 10901

Lifting column//325Φ*1220mm
mesing control

1, system control: electric.
2. Stainless steel cylinder diameter: 219mm. Pressure relief cabin specification: 400Φ*1200mm
3, column outer box specifications: pre-buried height of 1200mm, raised height: 600mm.
4. Column thickness: 6mm.
5, material: 304 stainless steel.
6, weight: about 160KG.
7, waterproof, dustproof rating: IP68
8, anti-collision level: k12 (equivalent to 120KM / hour of impact, the car is blocked, the equipment works as usual)
9, through the pressure: can pass 100 tons of container trucks.
10. Rising speed: ≤5S, falling speed: ≤2S.
11, power supply: 220V.
12, working temperature: -35 ° C ~ 75 ° C (suitable), storage environment: -10 ° C ~ 65 ° C, rain, moisture and dust.

Hydraulic system components:
1, motor: 220V power: 350W
2. Oil pump: (gear pump) (industrial grade)
3. Lifting solenoid valve (industrial grade)
4, heavy hydraulic cylinder: HOB63-600CA+I heavy industrial pole
5, double-action double oil pump manual pump 2.3ML / times (industrial grade)
6, the tank volume: 6 liters
7, hydraulic pipe: PT international standard interface, double-layer steel wire high-pressure pipe
Control system components:
1. PLC control command PLC chip imported from the United States (industrial grade)
2, 220V power switch (industrial grade)
3. Control solenoid valve (industrial grade)
4, power industrial grade (-28 - 85 degrees)
5, the remote control range is less than 30M"