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  • Tripod Turnstile7311E
Tripod Turnstile7311E

Tripod Turnstile7311E

 Product Introduction

Tripod turnstile are intelligent passage management equipment researched, developed and produced by our company. Tripod turnstile equipment is integrated with delicate mechanical transmission, microprocessor control, and various read/write techniques. Tripod turnstile can be used for intelligent control and management of the passage after equipped with different read/write devices.

Tripod turnstile outline of the product is formed after bending the stainless steel plate. The shape is featured as pleasing appearance, good looking, stainless and durable. The system is provided with a standard electric interface and is easily integrated into the equipment with read/write facilities such as magnetic card, bar code card, ID card and IC card. As a result, an orderly and civilized passage is provided for the personnel in and out, and illegal personnel can be barred. At the same time, a special fire control interface is equipped in the system to meet the requirement of fire control passage, so that a rapid down rod control may be realized in emergency for diverting passengers.


Product Parameters

Working Voltage: AV220V±10V,50Hz

Motor power: 24V 20W

Passage Width: < max 600mm

Open Time: 0.2s

Passage Speed: 30/Min

Communication Port: RS485/RS232

Working Mode: Single/ Bi-directional

Length: 550MM

Suitable: Inside、Outside(with rain proof rack)

Humidity: 5%--90%

Temperature: -30 to 60 °

Service port: 2

Interface: Turnstile driver board

The continuation appliance parameters of drive board:AC250V 5A

Size: 630mm×330mm×980mm

Input interface: +12V level signal or pulse width signal ≥100ms DC12V, pulsing signal drive current ≥10mA

Technical Parameters:

Tripod turnstile Structure: frame structure, stainless steel / plastic sprayed shell.

Housing: 1.0-1.2MM thickness.

Swing: one way, two way (optional).

Movement drive mode: AC24 Japan imported solenoid valve.

Failure Measures: manual rod fall.

Composed: Turning movement, stainless steel box, turnstile driver board, power supply.


Enter/Exit Way:

1. Free passage.

2. Locking.

3. Remote control by computer.

4. Authorized to enter/exit.

5. Manual.



1. Advanced design,exquisite workmanship, exquisite materials, reliable quality.

2. One-way or bidirectional passage.

3. Each direction can use three kinds of operation mode.

4. Person pass speed 25 users/ min (normal) 35 users / minute (fast).

5. Stainless steel appearance, luxurious and beautiful.


Connection of turnstile and control equipment:

Tripod turnstile is randomly equipped with a drive circuit (Build in one group DC5V power supplies, one group DC24V power supplies and a drive circuit board); LED indicator board; one user manual. The driving circuit board is a bridge between the control device and the turnstile, from the controller (access control, attendance, POS, ticketing selling etc) relay output select one group normally opened output, connecting according to the “Wiring Diagram”.



Tripod Turnstile Installation

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