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Handheld POS

Handheld POS

 Product Introduction

handheld POS

CIT5000C Handheld POS


Handheld POS CIT5000C is suitable for factory、office、government、hospital、canteen、hotel、club、chain stories、restaurant、coffee shops、department stores, etc.At present, the main function of the consumer machine is consume in restaurant, but in many other consumer places which can also be used, such as school stores, bookstores, hairdressers, sand washing bath etc.


Product Parameters

Model: CIT5000C  Handheld POS

Working Power Supply: DC12V/1A

Backup Power Supply: ≥10 hours

Display: LCD color screen with double-sided

Communication Port: RS485, TCP/IP, WIFI, GPRS, Udisk

Support: Mifare、CPU card

Blacklist: 26,000

Record of Expenses: 50,000

Records of Systems: 40,000

Support: Voice prompts

Size: 180mm x 70mm x 30mm

Working Temperature: 0℃-45℃

Humidity: 20%-60%


handheld POShandheld POS


Consumption by Swipe Card:

1. If the working mode is standard mode,the main interface is shown below:

In standard mode, if the fee is 9 dollars, press"9", then press "Enter" button, the interface will be shown as below:

Put the card in the card area, the interface shown as below, if successful it will have voice prompt.

When deducted successful, Interface can be displayed the card balance,the amount of consumption of the card, total integral, the cardholder's name、department and number. Among of them, the deposit, consumption and integration must be displayed in the interface, the rest of the content if you do not want to be displayed in the interface can be set by the software.

2. If the working mode is fixed moed,the main interface is shown below:

In fixed mode, directly to put the card in card area.

3. If the working mode is menu mode, the main interface is shown below:

Input the numbers into handheld POS(Item Nunmer、Commodity Code), then press ensure button, the interface shown as below, input numbers(item quantity), it will be appeared products list.

If customers buy many products at the same time, you can input numbers in product list.

press"Enter" button when input all items, the interface will be shown as below, then can deduct money.


System Operation:

In main interface, press "Menu" into menu interface:

1) Select the "Working Mode"of the menu interface, press "Enter" button into the following interface, you can choose the charge way. this way is the same with press "Mode" button.

2) select the error correction, press the "Enter" button, the interface shown as follow:

Enter the admin password in the interface(default admin password is 12345678, it can modify on software), put the card in card area, the interface shown as follow:

The picture shows that the consumption records can be revoked, press the "Enter" button after select the wrong record,the interface prompt: take up the card after refund successful, amount will be returned to the card

3) Select "parameter settings" in the menu interface, press "Enter" button, the interface shown as follow:

1. Time and date set can be set up the real time of handheld POS.

2. Voice Output of handheld POS have 3 types: English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, can be modified here

3. Select the "Communication Setting", press the "Enter" button, the interface shown as follow:

1)The baud rate of handheld POS is 19200B/s

2)Select the "Communication Password" and press "Enter" button, set up a password, prevent others modify the device parameters by software and to cause you use failure

3)Select "Lan", press "Enter" button, modify the IP address of the handheld POS.

4)Select "WIFI Setting", press "Enter" button, the interface shown as follow:

Select the "Wireless Network", press "Enter" button, select whether to open the wireless function. If the wireless function is turned on, the device will search for nearby hot spots automatically. After searched,the interface shown as follow:

After selecting the hot spot, press "Enter" button

Enter the password,press "Enter" button, (also can be input the hot spot and password through software), when connection successful will have voice prompt.

elect the "Wireless Information" after connect to the wireless, press "Enter" button to search the device IP address(wireless IP address and LAN IP address are not the same. It is obtained automatically, cannot be changed). As shown below:

4, Buzzer Function Settings: set the buzzer opened or closed.

5, Volume Settings: adjust the volume of voice broadcast.

6, Select the "Relay Setting", then press the "Enter" button, the interface is shown below:

7, Choose relay function opened or closed through press "Relay Function"

(4) select the "U Disk Management" in the menu interface, then press the "Enter" button, the interface is shown below:

Download data of U disk to the handheld POS: Upload the software data to handheld POS through U disk; Upload data of handheld POS machine to the U disk: Upload the data of handheld POS to software through U disk;

Firmware upgrade:upgrade by software or U disk when under network status

(5) Select the "Report" in the menu interface, press the "Enter" button, the interface shown as follow:

Click on the "parameters" view the information; click on the "System Records Statistics"check the storage of credit card records、system records and device records; click on the" Today's Business Statistics "to view the turnover, total consumption amount and consumption times.

(6) Select the "System Information" in the menu interface, then press the "Enter" button, the interface shown as follow:

Click on the "Parameters" view device information; click on the "System States" can view supply voltage, battery power and device temperature; click on "about" see the serial number.

Note: If the interface is shown as bellow, in the software, the device still shows online, please resave it in the software(click on"Modify" after selecting the device in handheld POS management, then clik"save" in the pop-up interface), finally, restart the device. If the software cannot search for the handheld POS, please return to the factory to maintainance.


Wiring Diagram:

handheld POS Wiring Diagram



1. the handheld POS machine have three working modes: standard fees, fixed fees, menu fees.

(1) Standard consumption (random consumption): input the money that how much expense , credit card with voice prompts

(2) Pricing consumption (fixed consumption): Without key operation,for example the fixed value of 5 yuan, all credit card are deducted 5 yuan automatically, fixed consumption can be also set 5 yuan for breakfast, 15 yuan for middle meal,10 yuan for dinner.

(3) Menu consumption: enter the list code and quantity of merchandise , the corresponding amount will be appeared. It used to school stores.

2. Consumers can use with network and without network,can transfer the data by U disk while without network.

3. The types of card can be used in handheld POS: Value card;times card,issue card by card are optional.Expenditure by value card:deduct the same money which expenditure in this time.Expenditure by times card:Deduct times by swipe card,if succeed ,it will sound.Can set the money and times of daily and monthly limits.

4. Integral can be accumulated.

5. Support confirm the password while consumption, you can customize the consumption amount,when over than it need to confirm the password,and then can be succeed.

6. Support statistics of daily business , can query the statistics of latest 30 days.

7. Have cancel function,if input wrong can return the money.

8. Support automatic subsidy in monthly.

9. Support 1 relay output.


Wiring Diagram:


Compatible with CITSMART one card management system. Support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Access Control & Time Attendance, Guard Tour,Canteen POS SystemWater Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management,to realize one card management system with one card and one database.

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