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Automatic Door

 Product Introduction

CIT-600 is the CIT SMART new series automatic door system, which integrates high-tech achievements in the automatic door entry system. CIT-600 automatic door system can be connected with the infrared sensor, microwave sensor, micro infrared ray, multifunctional control board, multifunctional electronic locks, remote controller, button controller, backup power supply etc. These provide the necessary function for the normal or emergency situation of the automatic door. Especially on the radio,have anti pinch effect for the people who stay in the active area of door, it also plays the role of protection system: multi function selector can select fully open, semi open, single way open, two-way. CIT-600 uses an automatic operating system for heavy leaf doors, with a load capacity of 200 kilograms. CIT-600 series automatic door guide rail reasonable size design can meet the requirements of different buildings. In addition, CIT-600 automatic door according to the European small door frame design, can increase the visual field, and beautiful appearance, if with the top design, also can let the door close to prevent wind sand, keep room temperature.

1.The driven wheel


3.Door leaf fixed sling

4.Glass sling

5.Belt adjustment screw

6.Double door gear belt clamp

7.The gear drive belt

8.Engine case

9.Sling wheel

10.Microcomputer control panel

11.The gear belt clamp

12.Gear box,

13.The power switch

14.The power switch box




----------------- ---

Wheel ------------Infrared Sensor-------- Multifunction Remote Controller----------------UPS

Doors' fixing tools and driving wheel:

door's fixing tools is used for hanging the door leaf, the driving wheel is hung on the case track, resistance is small, operation smoothly, when the power is cut off, also can open/close by manual.

Gear drive leather belt:

Has high strength telescopic function, friction resistance, smooth operation, it is not easy peeling and elastic fatigue for long time use.

Intelligent microcomputer controller;

The microcomputer controller checks the signals of the inductor, rives the positive and negative operation of the motor, automatically controls the operation of open、close、stop. Digital display and button setting and fine-tuning, easy to adjust. The wide voltage design can be applied to sub 180-260K voltages without the need for additional transformers.

Environmental protection turbine gear drive:

With small volume, strong power DC brushless motor, gear box with high transmission power, slow turbine with small noise, then drive the leather mode, even if the frequency is switched on, it is easy to operate without failure.